“Palmetto Moon Products is an eco-friendly business supporting artisans in Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico.  All L.A.S.T. jewelry sales contribute a minimum of 40% to the preservation of sea turtles.”

L.A.S.T. = "Latin American Sea Turtles"

Environmentally sustainable hand-crafted jewelry where each sale benefits the study and preservation of sea turtles.  Villagers from Costa Rica and Panama are trained to create individual works of art from local sustainable sources, such as driftwood.  Revenues from the sale of these items creates revenues to replace those previously earned using sea turtle shells to create jewelry.

Each piece of light weight jewelry is crafted from coconut shells using only manual hand tools.  Each piece is an original created from the hands of Tim McDougal, a resident native of Costa Rica. 

As a business, Palmetto Moon Products will not be driven by greed or ego and will strive to consistently offer original, quality products while embracing the philosophy that we are partners with our customers, vendors and employees. We will run a fair and honest business, with courteous, exceptional service and strive to be as eco-friendly as possible while supporting local and international non-profit organizations.


Palmetto Moon Products gives back a minimum of 5% of our year end net profit to local charities. A majority of our contributions are to organizations that work with children and primary education. If you would like to submit a request for donations, please email, call or write us. 

L.A.S.T. (Latin American Sea Turtles) are members of Widecast, an international scientific network working in more than 40 countries and territories of the Wider Caribbean Region. L.A.S.T. is comprised of dedicated people working with volunteers and environmental enthusiasts developing creative strategies to avoid the extinction of sea turtle species.  Caribbean villagers are trained to create hand-crafted jewelry from environmentally sustainable products, such as driftwood, generating revenues to replace the money previously made by creating jewelry from sea turtle shells.